It's very therapeutic, you know!


I began this blog partly out of creative frustration, partly out of a need to over-share and to also document and record little life events that can otherwise get lost among the banality of the grind. Although social media can be a fantastic tool for certain things, it can also be fairly destructive in other areas and I have become increasingly uncomfortable using it to mark my milestones and achievements. 


I kept a diary for years, but for years also, I did not. Recently, I was required to start a blog as part of my graphic communication degree and I was completely taken to the style; recording and marking the passing of learning and understanding. I am not in the slightest interested in getting people to read my micro-corner of the internet, but now that you're here, I hope you enjoy what you find. 


For all my get up and go, there is a whole load of fuck that. I'm as lazy as I'm energetic but what I do maintain is the belief in the power of positivity. You want it, go and work hard and get it. In the words of George McFly: If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.


Thanks dahlinks, thanks.


I'm an English woman living in Wales, with my family who consists of:

  • Ben - I'm married to this fabulous guitar strumming, moustached man

  • El - My son 12; a chatty little beast who can take it too far on occasion

  • Em - My daughter 11; a tough little nut who has a heart of gold

  • Lily - a deaf Jack Russell, 12 who is whiny as hell


Our clan live by the sea in a pretty average house, in a pretty average street. We earn average salaries in average jobs but feel complete and rich in other ways.
We do all right.

Blugh. Makes you want to be sick.

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