• Tabitha Frazer Blanks

Sometimes it Doesn't Work Out

Just when everything feels like it's going our way, it suddenly doesn't.

Things have been swimming along just nicely this week. New job - check. Broken cars - fixed. Offer placed on the new house - on it.

All right! We are on fire!

Then... a bit of bad news.

The offer made on the house we'd been viewing was declined as someone else has made one as well. Ok, so in a whole world of big bad problems, this isn't the worst thing that could happen to anyone - I realise that. It still doesn't stop it from causing a bit of a slump anyway. We're slightly miffed as it felt we were the only ones interested in a property that no-one else cared about and suddenly, it felt like we were involved in a bidding war. This happens, so - uh huh? We made a higher offer in the end, but the vender went for the cash buyer as they felt that was a more secure choice. Right-oh.

Onwards and upwards - we'll have to go to plan B (at the moment, there isn't really a plan B but maybe winging it will become plan B).


• by Tabitha Frazer Blanks •

An expert on being right most of the time, arguinging the toss and partial to the odd daydream, Tabitha is also a hard working designer with a love of travel and food.

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