• Tabitha Frazer Blanks

Loaf Mug — I love you!

We bought this fabulous sofa from loaf a year or so ago. It came with a chunky grey mug, perfect for snuggly coffees and sinking down into the stuffed pillows.

The mug broke. It fell out of the cupboard when the door opened and smashed on the worktop. Mr. B blamed my poor cupboard management skills so I invested in this mug tidy.


I mourned the mug however. None of my other mugs gave me quite the same sense of hygge that this one did. The other day, as I stared at the cupboard of mugs, mind partly on which mug did I want to make my coffee in today (yes, I match my mug to drink) I decided I was going to do something about it; this gap of emptiness in my coffee drinking life.

I contacted loaf and asked ever so nicely for another mug. They said yes! And now that little hole has been filled with joy and I have my chunky loaf mug back.

Beam beam beam!


• by Tabitha Frazer Blanks •

An expert on being right most of the time, arguinging the toss and partial to the odd daydream, Tabitha is also a hard working designer with a love of travel and food.

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